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WMV Video  Live TV Appearance - "City Nights" 2-11-05.  This is a Windows media file.  It will play in your Windows Media Player, or Winamp, or whatever you might have configured.  It is a 5.4 MB video with short clips from three songs.  Optimized for streaming at 100K - 768K connection speeds.  Not recommended for analog modems.
Red Baron - (Billy Cobham) Not so hot quality, recorded live from the audience at York St. Cafe in March, 2010.  Features solos by Rene on trumpet and Ray on guitar.

Killer Joe - (Quincy Jones)

Before Rene joined up - Trio Live 
Cryin' Mercy - (Mose Allison) Before Rene joined up - Trio Live 
Lullaby for Nicole  - (Johnny A)  Trio Live 
John McKee - (Jack DeJohnette) Quartet - Live at York St. Cafe 
Like Minds cover of Jeff Beck's "Behind the Veil" (YouTube video).  3/2010 Quintet

When the Saints Go Marching In (traditional)

Quartet - Live at York St. Cafe


Like Minds