Like Minds is a unique fusion of jazz ideology and state of mind.  Listeners have become believers.  Five guys coming together to create a synergistic blend of jazz, blues and fusion, with influences ranging from Hendrix to Horace Silver.  This is instrumental jazz filtered through decades of development of individual styles.  It's music that that pulls the listener in and creates a smile. We also do covers of pop/funk/rock with our unique stamp on it!

Like Minds is: Jeff Keller on electric bass, Kermit Kinne on drums, Rene Peters on Trumpet, percussion and vocals, Ray Rissel on guitar and vocals and Barry Sebastian on guitar.  Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Like Minds plays select venues, and may be available for low key, laid back gigs in your area.  We can cover quiet dinners for special occasions (yes, you can talk and hear yourself!).  Or, provide thought provoking music that you may have never dreamed existed, in a club atmosphere.   We prefer smoke free engagements.  Contact us for more information. 

If you want "a listen," check out an MP3 or two.  We also have a few videos available below and on the MP3s page.  For a listing of the types of tunes and artists that we cover, check the Playlist link to the left.

We are not your typical party band.  Our goal is to play music that challenges the listener and makes you say, "wow" at the end of a tune.  And of course, to have fun doing it.  We want you to enjoy our music twice - once when we play it, and again upon retrospect.  We're not a pop or oldies cover band, but we do our own version of some recognizable tunes!  If you like contemplative, intelligent music, you've come to the right place.  And, thanks for stopping by!  Check our Venues page to see if we're playing near you.

Like Minds, live at York St. Cafe, at Newport on the Levee.  Nov 13th, 2010.  Debut performance of a new original composition (by Ray Rissel) - Trash Night.  

Video by LTVideo Productions

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